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Now it starts you at top of the comments, at 1. Flip So how did the North American Indians become mestizos? The casualty rate was the highest percentage ever suffered by a United States Army unit and included St. Obviously, she is not more than a small fraction Indian, at most. Very different demographics, because the English ca me as settlers with families, while the Spanish went to Mexico as invaders, mostly men who quickly impregnated indigenous women.

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The Greeks don't come off very well.

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That will tell you all you need to know about what's left of his rights. I read through my family's genealogy book that goes back to an ancestor who arrived in Jamestown inand was pretty surprised to see how many people were killed by Indians. As one could tell from the beginning of the Second Reconstruction with only Blacks Lives Mattering the demands, this time, would know no end. There are, IIRC, 11 guys in the photo. It was also greater than what the Romans accomplished because the numbers also enjoyed numerical parity with their opponents and took several centuries to build their empire; The Spaniards did it in a cuple of generations. It's really amazing the stories you can find using google

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