Can you build your facial muscles

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I kind of enjoy waking up with sore facial muscles. Try doing any of the mouth exercises, such as making a big "O" and a small "o" with your lips. Repeat the exercise 3 times. Esthetic rehabilitation in fixed Prosthodontics: I think the facial exercise will help me.

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Pull down on your eyes while trying to raise your eyebrows.

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This Is What Happened When I Started Exercising My Face Muscles

Mercola You probably think nothing of going to the gym to exercise the muscles in your arms, legs, shoulders and back. Related Articles Dry, Flaky Legs: To exercise the muscles around your eyes and forehead, squeeze your eyes shut and hold for several seconds. Doing it properly will help you have a stronger smile that shows more of your upper teeth. Miles, MD on July 6,

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can you build your facial muscles
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can you build your facial muscles
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