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Premarital sexual activity is less likely to jeopardise marital prospects for males as compared to females. The sample of adolescent males tended to consist of all different socio-economic groups, with both better or lower socio-economic status. However, this rate among females might be higher if females who are not enrolled to the universities are considered too. Sexual behaviour in Britain: There is no in-depth knowledge about the type of female sexual partners, the marital status of their female partners, or whether their partners were prostitute or not.

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The sexual double standard in African American adolescent women's sexual risk reduction socialization.

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The authors are grateful to the research staff of Taleghani Health Care Center. Hence, counseling and educational programs designed for married men and women can include some factual information about different types of sex. Fatemeh eventually forgave Haj Agha — the truth could have destroyed both of their reputations. She told Leyla she could get her similar work, lap-dancing for men at a birthday party. Common variables were recognised and after merging the data, comparable variables and their direction of responses were checked for comparability and adapted appropriately.

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