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With both her hands, she spread her pussy with her fingers, and then pressed her pussy against my mouth. Peach's head flicked backwards with her eyes closed, and her crown fell off and onto the floor. I was told that there was no way for this to happen, because they were imaginary. I grabbed my dick and placed it against her anus with the head touching the entrance, and then it slowly enveloped it when I pushed it in. You are a true loyal Nintendo fan, and I'd do anything to please you. One of them held a cold rag to my forehead, and wiped it around. His laugh echoed throughout the Mushoom Kingdom, and then faded away, as so did he.

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It entered her, and she was now able to feel the vibrations inside her cunt.

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Princess Peach: The Worst Woman in Videogames

You are a pervert to the max. I ran towards my bed and grabbed the post in surprise of what was happening. If this was the point of no return, death's door; I wished I hadn't asked for it in the first place. We both looked down, and cum started oozing out the crack between my dick and her pussy. My blurriness cleared and to my surprise, it was Peach from the Mario series; Zelda from the Zelda series; and Samus from the Metroid series. Samus then sprayed her fluid which hit Peach's body, and some splashed onto my dick. Just In All Stories:

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zelda samus and peach tease
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zelda samus and peach tease
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