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Good Luck Chuck Jessica Alba Jessica Alba getting her skirt caught in a car door, whipping it off as she walks away to expose her white panties with a penguin on the front before she attempts to cover up. Awake Jessica Alba Jessica Alba wearing a thin white tank top as she climbs into a bath tub with a guy, her left nipple being outlined as the wet fabric clings to her breasts and she makes out with the guy. Jessica Alba untying from herself from the top of a car and then dropping down beside it, where she makes out with a guy while wearing just some white panties and a white bra. Jessica Alba almost exposing a breast as she removes a bath robe and gets into a bubble bath. From the special features of Sin City:

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A Dame to Kill For Jessica Alba Jessica Alba seen in a mix of full speed and very low frame rate footage as she wears a cowboy hat with a rhinestone bra and chaps with black panties while she uses a rope as a lasso and dances in a sexy manner on a stage before throwing her hat into the crowd and dancing some more until finally she gets her hat back and walks away all while in front of a green screen during some behind the scenes video.

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Jessica Alba removing a see-through sweater and then a purple slip to show off her back and then giving us a brief view of the side of her right breast as she wraps a towel around herself all while talking to a guy. A Dame to Kill For Jessica Alba Jessica Alba seen in color in a mix of full speed and very low frame rate video wearing a skimpy grey outfit with tassels as she performs a very sexy stripper style dance on a stage and against a green screen wall spreading her legs and shaking her hips before a guy tries to grab her and she kicks him and then pulls out a gun and shoots a bottle out of another guy's hand then leaves the stage. Escape from Planet Earth. Retrieved May 17, Lastly we see Jessica wearing a black nightie and pulling on a pair of panties in front of a mirror. Retrieved October 8,

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