High arching eyebrow fetish

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One of the real problems in evaluating anything beyond the existence of haircut fetishism is that the paragraph above could apply to almost any niche fetish. Women in the 19th century carried Chinese boxes that contained a black hue they could use to quickly touch up their brows on the go. I mean, unless you like it, in which case, whatever -- it's your face. If he was worried about not having any hair, he should have perhaps considered hair replacement before attacking his face with an eyebrow pencil. Her back is covered in huge ugly welts and long bleeding lines from the whip.

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She says I should come out and snap some pics.

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Women who don't seem to do anything with their eyebrows but at least they are light and not unruly. The fetish is not as common among younger men. Not nearly as much as girls think. Neither too thick nor pencil thin. We bring you not one, but two, adorably cheeky looking babies with eyebrows painted on.

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high arching eyebrow fetish
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high arching eyebrow fetish
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  1. I could NEVER be a camera man...at 5:10 I'd be too tempted to touch, fondle, lick, or poke that tiny asshole...