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Unlikely, because hardly anyone who publishes his or her own books actually prints the copies themselves, and binds them by hand. There he met George Turner, the Samoan missionary, at whose suggestion he applied to the London Missionary Society for acceptance as a missionary candidate in Thereafter Duncan earned his living in the customs service. In September he went to Fiji where he was virtually exonerated. During his twenty-three years in New Guinea Chalmers resided for short periods on the east coast at Suau, Port Moresby, Motumotu and Saguane in the Fly River delta, but for long periods he had no permanent home. There was a chord struck in some inner part of myself. Warrulan was the son of a tribal chief in the Colony of South Australia and had been brought to England by Edward John Eyre, the noted explorer.

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Her Career in Australia and Great Britain.

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During his formative years, after work and farm chores, he educated himself, learned shorthand, wrote poetry, fossicked for gold, collected stamps and cigarette cards, and enjoyed amateur theatricals. In its funds were used to found the Dr Mary Booth scholarship for women economics students at the University of Sydney. Though at first he seemed 'lady-like' in manners and appearance to colonial Wesleyans, his essential toughness and resilience helped him to survive all manner of obstacles. Each day he struggled, accepting everything, complaining about nothing, and finding beauty even in the things that could have been a bother. Lonely and in many ways shy, she made few close friends, but to those in need, especially the Aboriginals, she showed compassion and generosity.

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