Pool cue used in the hustler

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Wow, awesome info, I know I learned something. When Paul Newman won the Academy Award for best actor -- in "The Color of Money" -- it was the equivalent of an official's makeup call in football. Reflecting the general theme of the film, director Martin Scorsese delivers an opening uncredited voiceoverdescribing the game of nine-ballover a scene of cigarette smoke and a piece of cue chalk:. The film's script is sensational and Myron McCormick and Murray Hamilton are superb as Fast Eddy's manager and as a dandy gambler, respectively. It's a great feeling, boy, it's a great feeling when you're right and you know you're right. It features an original score by Robbie Robertson. Retrieved from " https:

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I then proceeded to sink seven balls in a row in my pocket with a modicum of difficulty and the game was over and he never had a chance to shoot.

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17 Bankable Facts About 'The Color of Money'

Fast Eddy is hustler who thinks he is good enough to take on Minnesota Fats, the best there is. Hitting the target ball into the targeted pocket is now assumed and what is really important is having the cue ball come to rest in the most advantageous position not only for the next shot but for the game. If the question is what were the real cues that were used in the movie then I don't know for sure but let's not forget that the movie came out in and back then there were not a lot of cue makers like today, Jackie Gleason fats got a cue from Willie Mosconi as a gift, that cue was made by Herman Rambow, Mr Rambow was also employed at Brunswick as a cue maker before he started to make his own cues. You come in here and put a stunt like that! Feel the roll of those balls, you don't have to look, you just know.

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pool cue used in the hustler
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pool cue used in the hustler
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