Medical procedure to enlarge clitoris

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This is perhaps especially true in patients with CAH, who due to the risk of inadequate suppression during their lifetime, have the potential to experience additional growth of the clitoral tissue. Ultimately, the success of this operation will depend on long-term follow-up and the demonstration of intact sensation and sexual function. It was reported that eight of the nine patients achieved regular orgasms. These changes have been made in an effort to preserve clitoral sensation and preserve orgasmic potential. Sexual satisfaction with a partner after surgery was reported by Evidence proving its effectiveness is still lacking but it continues to be a popular activity. Tunica Albuginea-Sparing Clitoroplasty While preservation of the neurovascular bundles represented a significant advance over complete clitoral ablation, concerns remain that separating these delicate structures off of the Tunica Albuginea may leave them unsupported and hence at risk of injury.

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Clitoral enlargement methods

With a better understanding of anatomy and function, procedures have evolved to preserve clitoral tissue, especially with respect to the neurovascular bundles. While not having a defined corpora spongiosum, the clitoris does have the male equivalent of the glans, which consists of spongiosal tissue. Specific evidenced-based models for multidisciplinary care have been published Ann Surg Vulvovaginitis is a common infection of the vulva and vagina. Incision is made circumferentially between the inner and outer layers of the clitoral prepuce and continued around the urethral plate and native urethra.

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medical procedure to enlarge clitoris
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medical procedure to enlarge clitoris
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